Ambition Longterms (ROBLOX) Edit

Ambition Longterms is a ROBLOX group and a Discord server that allows ROBLOX players to compete in reality shows, such as Survivor and Total Drama. It was established around January 2017, but put to action in July 2018. It was founded by whatupinator.

Series Overview Edit

No. Season title Location Original teams Winner Runner(s)-up Final vote
1 Survivor: Borneo Survivor Borneo (Ambition Longterms) Two tribes of eight LizardAnimal123 wisemeowman2 6-0
2 Total Drama Island Total Drama Island (Ambition Longterms) Two teams of eleven brent1324 PizzaDude1070 Challenge
3 Survivor: The Australian Outback Survivor: The Australian Outback (Ambition Longterms) Two tribes of eight colter122 ObviouslyShawna 5-2
4 Total Drama Action Total Drama Action (Ambition Longterms) Two teams of six tyladoll thestoIengem Challenge
5 Survivor: Africa Survivor: Africa (Ambition Longterms) Two tribes of


SullyInvictus beyoncebic 7-1
6 Total Drama World Tour Total Drama World Tour (Ambition Longterms) Two teams of six/One team of five Mister_Nicholas lukiebunny506 Challenge
7 Survivor: Marquesas Survivor: Marquesas (Ambition Longterms) Two tribes of eight TBD TBD TBD

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